Data Restore – Different Techniques

data recovery

In today’s highly technological world, data restoration is one of the most sought-after processes of computer maintenance. The process may also be used to repair file corruption. This article talks about data restoration in more detail.

When data restore is required, it can be done through backup and restore or recovery.

It can either be done on your own, by taking backup of your backed up data onto another physical device like floppy disk, CD, flash drive, or external hard drive. Or else you can also perform data restore by restoring to an original location on an external or local secondary storage.

If the backup is not enough, data restore can also be done on your own computer. For this you have to backup all important data using a tape backup drive or an external hard drive. After backup, make sure that all temporary files are deleted. Now you can open “My Computer” from Start Menu by clicking on the “Computer” icon. Look for “My Document” or “My Document Provider” to locate the backed-up document.

In the case of the primary storage area, follow the procedures of backing up data.

But in the case of virtual or offline secondary storage areas, you can do data restore only when you are in the actual location of the secondary storage device. In such a situation, the first backup will be needed. In the next step, you should drag and drop all the files from the locations that are on the physical disk to the location where you are doing the restore. Or you can use the built-in restoration tool that is installed in your operating system to do the restore operation.

However, in the event of an error while restoring data you can always opt for remote restoring. In this technique, you create a copy of all the data to the destination without restoring it to the physical disk. The copy is created in the best virtual data room and can be recovered easily as it is saved in a different location. Such a technique can be used even if you have made changes to the backed-up data. If the changes are not completely removed, restoring data can be a problem.

If your computer has been infected with viruses, your recovery efforts may prove futile unless you have a good data backup and recovery process. Virtual backup offers excellent protection from viruses such as Trojan horses and worms. Such virtual systems use the VirtualBox software and provide the functionality of a virtual machine. They can be run on any Windows system and work well with any operating system. However, VirtualBox is not a very good recovery medium for viruses and other data loss problems.

Data restoration through cloud computing is gaining popularity with small and medium enterprises.

This technique uses data loss prevention tools such as the Cloud Computing Management Software which are offered by several service providers. The tool creates a copy of everything on your computer including important files like email and documents and even personal files like pictures. A user can back up his/her entire system to the Cloud and access the backed-up data from any computer or server across the world.

The Cloud computing approach of data backup and restore works well with any Windows system. It can be run on-demand or on a recurring basis. If your computer is infected with a virus that destroys the file system, then the Cloud data backup will automatically restore your file system to a previous state. This method can also be used to recover data that has been lost due to corruption or a hardware problem.

Mac file sharing not working how to fix it

Mac file sharing not working how to fix it

Apple, because it was concerned for the security of its customers, has offered an alternative to the Bluetooth function called Airdrop to transfer and share files. But what to do its function failed and it became impossible to transfer files? 

Check radio devices and connections

If your mac file sharing is not working, the first thing you need to do is check its connection to the device. AirDrop uses Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate and transfer data. To check the connection in iOS, you need to go into Control Center, and for macOS, find the menu bar which will show you if the link is connected. 

Also, make sure that you do not have Airplane Mode enabled by going into the settings and making sure that the Airplane Mode switch is not enabled.

Check the “Do Not Disturb” status

Airdrop works so that it sends a notification to the receiving device, to transmit a confirmation so that the recipient must accept this transfer to start the process itself. But if your mac is in DND mode, the notification can’t come, which in turn will cause Airdrop to fail. 

To start the data exchange, you need to disable the “do not disturb” mode by going to the notification panel or through the “Notification System Settings” panel.

Is AirDrop enabled and visible?

AirDrop comes in three states that offer different levels of visibility:

  • Off -this level means that other devices cannot see you at all. But you can still transfer AirDrop files to other visible devices;
  • Pins Only – The most preferred option for your device, which also includes precautions. Your device is only visible to people who are on your contacts list, but for the transfer to work the devices must be registered with the Cloud and have each other’s Apple ID or phone number as contact information;
  • All – which means that all devices that are in your vicinity can see you.

It is recommended that you check these settings on your device, and set it to “all” for an outage. To do this, go to Finder, and in the panel on the left click Airdrop. At the bottom click on “Allow me to be detected” and select “All”. 

Also, an important fact for Mac owners is that to share files in Airdrop, it should always be the active location in Finder.

AirDropping on an outdated Mac

Apple has provided two different AirDrop protocols: one that works with newer Macs with Bluetooth 4.0, and one that works with older Macs. But changing the protocol is not automated, and you’ll have to manually change the version of AirDrop to one that supports your Mac device. 

To do this, in the AirDrop pane in the Finder, click the blue “Can’t see who you’re looking for?” link. And click the “Find an older Mac” button.

Software tools you definitely need to use

Software tools you definitely need to use

The IT sphere is actively developing, and the demand for its products is growing every day. In this article, you will learn about the most useful software tools 2021, as well as indicate what you need them for and their features.

What is a software development tool?

A software development tool is a program designed for several purposes: creating, maintaining, supporting, or debugging other applications and programs that we use in our daily lives. 

There are both free and paid software tools, but as we know, the list of features of the free versions is somewhat limited.

There are also several types of software development tools and each of them serves a different purpose. Below we take a brief look at some of this year’s best software tools.

Ninite review 

Both for IT professionals and ordinary people installing new software is a very important process. Usually, during this process, you first remove all unnecessary items from the previously installed program and then install the new program.

There are many uninstallers available today, which do a very good job of removing unneeded software and protecting against viruses. Ninite is just what you need to install the program securely. Just go to the tool’s website, select the program you want to download and you’re done. Ninite’s automated processes will install the program you need yourself.

PC Decrapifier Review 

When purchasing a new computer system, we may encounter a multitude of malware that the manufacturers themselves usually load into the new computer.

PC Decrapifier serves to detect and remove this malware instantly, and because of its “sense” of caution, it can also offer you a few more items to remove, which you can either approve or refuse.

SISCIN review 

SISCIN is a program that is needed to efficiently analyze the data that resides on your servers.

SISCIN allows you to monitor your stored data, you can also see the average age of your files and the amount of disk space. On top of that, you get this application for free.

CCleaner review 

CCleaner is one of the best system cleaning tools that free up space on your PC, which helps it to run fast and efficiently. This program is good because it provides not only basic cleaning functions but also a registry cleaner for advanced users to remove unused files, entries, and fonts, etc. 

CCleaner also has a portable version that can clean the space on any device you need without having to reinstall it.

Darik’s Shoe and the Nuclear Bomb Review 

DBAN is a program with which you can erase the data of absolutely any hard drive. This software tool is open-source and makes it much easier for you to erase hard disk data in a few steps. DBAN is also portable so you too can easily transfer it to any drive.

Keep in mind that the program does not report data after deleting them, if you want to use this tool for business then better take the paid version – Blancco.

Big data analytics tools comparison

Big data analytics tools comparison

In this article, you can learn which big data tools are the best on the market compared to the rest, and why. Below will be a detailed overview of each tool and its functionality.

What Big Data is all about 

Big Data is a system of different approaches, tools, and techniques that are used to handle different types of data (structured and unstructured), very large volumes, and with a variety of contexts, to bootstrap results that are viewed by humans. Big Data is essentially a good alternative to traditional database management systems and Business Intelligence solutions.

Big data doesn’t mean any amount of data or data in general. It’s data assessment and processing methods that allow for distributed processing of information.

Big data plays an important role in international business because the more data that comes in for processing, the more accurate the analysis, and the final result will be. This, in turn, will lead to more efficient decision-making and cost reduction.

Apache Hadoop review

We want to start our big data analytics tools comparison from one of the best big data tools on the market Apache Hadoop. This program copes very well with the processing of data, especially large amounts of data. It is also an open and free big data storage system along with a set of utilities, libraries, frameworks, and distributions for development.

Hadoop consists of four parts:

  1. HDFS is a file system that is needed to run on common, standard hardware
  2. MapReduce is a distributed computing program that is used for parallel computing
  3. YARN- a technology intended for cluster management
  4. Libraries- to work the rest of the modules with HDFS

X-plenty overview 

X-plenty is a large-scale cloud service offering ETL solutions and data pipeline tools. One of its features is that it handles different types of data and integrates with different sources, repositories, and databases. 


  • The simple data conversion process
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • High-level security
  • Different data sources
  • The approach aimed directly at customers

Spark review 

Spark is a robust data analytics program whose main feature is to work with big data, through distributed computing in RAM, which increases processing speed. It is very similar to Hadoop in many ways but uses other types of computation, including interactive queries and streaming processing.

This program is designed for a wide range of tasks, such as iterative algorithms, interactive queries, and streaming.

Cassandra overview 

Cassandra is a free and open-source program, and it stores values as key-value pairs. Because of its architectural structures, Apache Cassandra has the following advantages:

  • Wide coverage and reliability due to the lack of a central server
  • Well-adaptable data schema
  • High bandwidth
  • Proprietary SQL-like query language
  • Adjustable consistency and replication support
  • Automatically configured problem resolution