Mac file sharing not working how to fix it

Apple, because it was concerned for the security of its customers, has offered an alternative to the Bluetooth function called Airdrop to transfer and share files. But what to do its function failed and it became impossible to transfer files? 

Check radio devices and connections

If your mac file sharing is not working, the first thing you need to do is check its connection to the device. AirDrop uses Bluetooth and WiFi to communicate and transfer data. To check the connection in iOS, you need to go into Control Center, and for macOS, find the menu bar which will show you if the link is connected. 

Also, make sure that you do not have Airplane Mode enabled by going into the settings and making sure that the Airplane Mode switch is not enabled.

Check the “Do Not Disturb” status

Airdrop works so that it sends a notification to the receiving device, to transmit a confirmation so that the recipient must accept this transfer to start the process itself. But if your mac is in DND mode, the notification can’t come, which in turn will cause Airdrop to fail. 

To start the data exchange, you need to disable the “do not disturb” mode by going to the notification panel or through the “Notification System Settings” panel.

Is AirDrop enabled and visible?

AirDrop comes in three states that offer different levels of visibility:

  • Off -this level means that other devices cannot see you at all. But you can still transfer AirDrop files to other visible devices;
  • Pins Only – The most preferred option for your device, which also includes precautions. Your device is only visible to people who are on your contacts list, but for the transfer to work the devices must be registered with the Cloud and have each other’s Apple ID or phone number as contact information;
  • All – which means that all devices that are in your vicinity can see you.

It is recommended that you check these settings on your device, and set it to “all” for an outage. To do this, go to Finder, and in the panel on the left click Airdrop. At the bottom click on “Allow me to be detected” and select “All”. 

Also, an important fact for Mac owners is that to share files in Airdrop, it should always be the active location in Finder.

AirDropping on an outdated Mac

Apple has provided two different AirDrop protocols: one that works with newer Macs with Bluetooth 4.0, and one that works with older Macs. But changing the protocol is not automated, and you’ll have to manually change the version of AirDrop to one that supports your Mac device. 

To do this, in the AirDrop pane in the Finder, click the blue “Can’t see who you’re looking for?” link. And click the “Find an older Mac” button.