Software tools you definitely need to use

The IT sphere is actively developing, and the demand for its products is growing every day. In this article, you will learn about the most useful software tools 2021, as well as indicate what you need them for and their features.

What is a software development tool?

A software development tool is a program designed for several purposes: creating, maintaining, supporting, or debugging other applications and programs that we use in our daily lives. 

There are both free and paid software tools, but as we know, the list of features of the free versions is somewhat limited.

There are also several types of software development tools and each of them serves a different purpose. Below we take a brief look at some of this year’s best software tools.

Ninite review 

Both for IT professionals and ordinary people installing new software is a very important process. Usually, during this process, you first remove all unnecessary items from the previously installed program and then install the new program.

There are many uninstallers available today, which do a very good job of removing unneeded software and protecting against viruses. Ninite is just what you need to install the program securely. Just go to the tool’s website, select the program you want to download and you’re done. Ninite’s automated processes will install the program you need yourself.

PC Decrapifier Review 

When purchasing a new computer system, we may encounter a multitude of malware that the manufacturers themselves usually load into the new computer.

PC Decrapifier serves to detect and remove this malware instantly, and because of its “sense” of caution, it can also offer you a few more items to remove, which you can either approve or refuse.

SISCIN review 

SISCIN is a program that is needed to efficiently analyze the data that resides on your servers.

SISCIN allows you to monitor your stored data, you can also see the average age of your files and the amount of disk space. On top of that, you get this application for free.

CCleaner review 

CCleaner is one of the best system cleaning tools that free up space on your PC, which helps it to run fast and efficiently. This program is good because it provides not only basic cleaning functions but also a registry cleaner for advanced users to remove unused files, entries, and fonts, etc. 

CCleaner also has a portable version that can clean the space on any device you need without having to reinstall it.

Darik’s Shoe and the Nuclear Bomb Review 

DBAN is a program with which you can erase the data of absolutely any hard drive. This software tool is open-source and makes it much easier for you to erase hard disk data in a few steps. DBAN is also portable so you too can easily transfer it to any drive.

Keep in mind that the program does not report data after deleting them, if you want to use this tool for business then better take the paid version – Blancco.