How to restore data processing room password

In this article, we will discuss how data is lost from a password-protected hard drive and how to recover the same data. Follow the instructions below.

Causes of password-protected data loss

Using modern technology, every day we pass through our system a large amount of data, useful and necessary information, which we usually save and store on our hard drives. This data storage stores documents of various formats, including MS Office files, encrypted and compacted files. 

Everyone tries to protect their important information, so many people often use a data processing room password to limit its use by others. But unfortunately, a password does not guarantee that your data is completely protected from the data loss crisis.

Here are a few reasons why data loss from a password-protected hard drive occurs: 

  • Recyclable garbage can be cleared – There are times when we do recyclable garbage can be cleared without a thorough pre-screening, which can cause us to lose data that is important to us
  • Accidental deletion – When we try to delete unnecessary system data, we can also trap important data from the hard drive
  • Wrong disk formatting -When we partition data into subsections, we may mistakenly format the incorrect disk, which will, in turn, delete the whole file list of the corresponding volume
  • Use of unknown third-party utilities – Using utilities that are unknown to our system can cause important data to be deleted from your drive

Ways to recover data 

Unlock it with the master password

This is one of the most reliable methods of unlocking your hard drive. To do this, you are required to: 

  • Start the application and pick the blocked drive
  • Enter the command: ID, and if a message appears on the screen, it means the drive is locked
  • Enter the “unlock” command and press 1 to apply the master password
  • This command allows you five attempts to input the password
  • If you can’t do it, log back into the application and try again
  • Next, type DISPWD and press 1 again to input the password
  • Unlocking with the firmware upgrade tool

After the drive is unlocked using the above technique, you can quickly recover your lost data with the advanced software.

How to protect data from further damage

Stellar Data Recovery, the standard for Windows software, is a one-stop solution for data recovery.

Stellar Data Recovery – A standard is a comprehensive software for easier data recovery. This program is capable of recovering your data from loss due to almost any cause, whether it’s a virus, system crash, or data sabotage. This program provides one hundred percent data recovery with a detailed scan of the disk you specify. 

The main features of the program are: 

  • Intuitive interface 
  • Supports a wide variety of document formats
  • Provides a detailed report after the data scanning process is complete